As we expand our fully integrated health system, we have established joint ventures with physicians, clinics and other providers. We continue to develop our clinical network by partnering with physicians throughout Louisiana, sharing practice and quality standards with common governance and connecting via an electronic clinical record system. This improves care through common best-practice and allows physicians to share information in real time.

Currently, we have established joint ventures or partnerships with 21 organizations. These include ambulatory surgical centers, specialty hospitals, outpatient physical therapy, imaging, home health, after hours clinics, outpatient electronic health records and cancer services.

In the most recent years, our mission has expanded in both the clinical and educational areas through partnerships with LSU and the State of Louisiana in Baton Rouge and Bogalusa, Louisiana. Through this public-private partnership, we are working to improve access to inpatient acute care and primary care, especially for uninsured and underinsured residents.

Through our collaboration with LSU, we are strengthening graduate medical education in Louisiana. In addition to state funding, both FMOLHS and LSU have committed to additional investments in both funding, facilities and human resources. This powerful collaboration will improve and expand services to those who have traditionally relied on the public safety net system while also strengthening LSU’s medical training programs.