Orthopedic Services

Orthopedic Services at St. Francis focus on providing our community with the best in care. St. Francis Medical Center has always taken a team approach to orthopedics - pulling together several departments within the hospital and working with excellent area physicians to provide superior care for patients.

From simple fractures to more serious conditions that require specialized care, we combine quality education, current technological advances, and a genuine, compassionate touch to help restore your quality of life.

St. Francis Medical Center has a Total Joint Program that we are proud of led by Rebecca Brown, RN. Rebecca has a pre and post orientation and education class and helps to facilitate the patient through our patients through our delivery of care.


Orthopedic Services:  

  1. Total Hip/Knee Replacement & Revision
    (See Information for Surgery Preparation)
  2. Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery
  3. Back Surgery
  4. Arthroscopy
  5. Shoulder Surgery
  6. Neck Surgery
  7. Hip Surgery


Arm/Elbow Surgery

  1. Wrist/Hand Surgery
  2. Leg Surgery
  3. Ankle/Foot Surgery
  4. Open reduction Internal Fixation (O.R.I.F.)
  5. External Fixators
  6. Cast Application
  7. Removal of hardware/implant
  8. Excision of Mass
  9. Incision & Drainage (I. & D.)


For additional information regarding our Orthopedics Service Line, please contact:

Linda Carter, RN, BSN
Director of Orthopedic Service Line
(318) 966-4577 or email  linda.carter@stfran.com


Rebecca Brown, RN
Total Joint Program Coordinator
(318) 966-4582 or email  rebecca.brown@stfran.com 

Cynthia LeDent, RN
Specialty Coordinator, Orthopedics
(318) 966-6172 or email  cynthia.ledent@stfan.com