Celebrating 90 years of service

Benefits of Blood Donation


Before donating, you will be given a free mini-physical exam that includes the following health checks:

These tests have helped many with the early detection of various health risks and increased the opportunity for treatment and full recovery.


As an incentive, we offer a $15 credit per unit of blood donated toward a patient's outstanding bill at Our Lady of the Lake. No other organization offers this benefit. We also replace blood credits used in any hospital in the United States within the National Blood Exchange.

Assurance Plans

Through blood assurance plans, which are designed for families, businesses, organizations, churches and other groups, blood donors are rewarded by providing a supplement to existing insurance that helps to cover the charges for blood, should it be needed. The plans include unlimited replacement coverage for specific individuals on a yearly time frame and coverage for blood used at any hospital in the country. For more information, please contact (225) 765-8843.

Helping the Community

Many people donate blood to help ensure an adequate blood supply for their community. Donors truly make a big difference-you never know when you or someone you love will need blood.