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Lake PET Imaging Center

Our Lady of the Lake is a leader in providing PET imaging technology in the Baton Rouge region offering the latest technology and innovative services. Board-certified nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists and technologists provide the most advanced diagnostic tools available today for the detection and monitoring of cancer and brain disorders, especially in their earliest stages. PET/CT imaging can detect an abnormal growth before it is noticeable on a standard CT scan, which aids in earlier detection often, means simpler treatments, better outcomes and healthier lives.
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(Photon Emission Tomography /Computed Tomography Scan)
PET/CT imaging is a non-invasive procedure usually performed on an outpatient basis and measures metabolic activity to determine whether organs are working properly. PET/CT scans can determine if malignant tumors are present in the body and reveals abnormal re-growth.
PET scans use signal-emitting "tracers" and produce unique internal images that can be used to:
    • Pinpoint the source of many of the most common cancers and selected brain diseases
    • Determine how far the disease has spread or if treatment is working
    • Produce valuable information that can be used to shape radiation treatment programs
A CT scan produces a highly detailed image of a patient's anatomy, giving doctors a better "roadmap" for locating and treating tumors. Plus, it detects certain tumors better than PET. That's why the Lake PET Imaging Center uses a PET/CT scanner, which acquires both images at the same time in precise alignment. A PET/CT scan can be used to target radiation and biopsies or plan surgery, and it is over 90% accurate in detecting cancers of the lung, head and neck, esophagus, colon, lymph glands and several other rapidly growing tumors.
(Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography/ Computed Tomography Scan)
PET Imaging Center's single photon emission computed tomography combined with X-ray computed tomography (SPECT/CT) scanner allows us to view nuclear medicine studies with unmatched clarity and accuracy and obtains a radiographic CT image at the same time.