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Heart Attack

A heart attack, also known as a myocardial infarction, generally occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked. When blood flow is blocked, the heart can't receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs and can suffer permanent damage or death.

Chest Pain Center
To treat heart attack symptoms quickly and effectively, Our Lady of the Lake is a Cycle IV accredited Chest Pain Center, the highest level.

Working in partnership with EMS, emergency physicians, cardiologists and critical care nurses, a Chest Pain Center's goal is to shorten the time from a patient's initial heart symptoms to treatment.

Each center undergoes a rigorous evaluation process based on its ability to assess, diagnose and treat patients fast during the critical early stages of heart attack.

Advanced in Heart Attack Treatment
Every minute matters in treating heart attacks. Cardiovascular specialists at Our Lady of the Lake have best national averages in  timely heart attack care  from the patient arrival to the start of the treatment, door to balloon time, reducing damage through quick restoration of blood flow. 

Heart Attack Symptoms
If you are experiencing symptoms that could be a signal of a heart attack:

  • Call 911. Getting to the emergency room as quickly as possible will help minimize the damage to your heart.
  • Take an aspirin at the first sign of heart attack symptoms.

Know heart attack symptoms before they occur

  • pressure or squeezing chest pain that lasts for more than a few minutes
  • pain that spreads from the chest to the shoulder, arm or back
  • prolonged pain the upper abdomen
  • increased bouts of chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • sweating
  • fainting
  • nausea

Symptoms can vary in men and women as well as from person to person, so it's vital to be aware of all symptoms and to get help immediately.