Heart Her Heart

Heart Her Heart

Who do you heart your heart for?

Maybe your wellness role model is your mom, who has loved you through everything. Or your sister, who understands you better than anyone. Perhaps your aunt, who makes you laugh when no one else can?

What about being a role model for someone else? This year, Our Lady of the Lake wants to help empower young girls to start living healthy early – and the best way to do that is for them to see YOU doing the same. Not only should your take care of your own heart, but also heart her heart and guide her on the right path for healthy living.

This month, we want to see how you empower the women in your life to be heart healthy. Visit our Facebook page and show us how you live heart healthy or show others how to do the same. It can be as simple as giving a hug, making a tennis date with a friend or taking your daughter to the doctor.
Upload your photo and tag with #heartherheart. We will select the best photos and the winners receive a $50 gift card to Whole Foods!

Taking Care of Young Girls In Your Life

According to www.girlshealth.gov, here are some top tips to Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be You. Beautiful:

  1. Fresh year, fresh you. Physical activity can boost your body and your mind. Get active in 2014 with these tips.
  2. Tick tock! Feeling pressured for time? Get help managing stress with this cool tool.

For more resources or information about how to help young women in your life be healthy, click here for ideas on how you can help young girls and teens face all types of health issues.
Source: www.girlshealth.gov
Creating a Healthy Home

As women, we want to take care of our family. But when it comes to heart health, it may be hard to know where to start. The American Heart Association provides excellent resources on how to create a healthy home.
Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children

The AHA has dietary recommendations for infants, children and adolescents to promote cardiovascular health.
Make Fast Food Friendlier

Eating nutritious on the go can be a challenge. Here are some tips to make fast food healthier for you and your family
Healthy Post-Play Snacks

Next time your child finishes their football game, ballet class or playing outside with friends, try giving them one of these healthy post-play snacks.
Healthy Foods Under $1 Per Serving

Try some of these to keep your family on track while sticking to your budget.
Get Non-Athletes to be Physically Active 

Competitive sports aren’t for everyone. Here are some ways to get your “non-athlete” to get up and get moving
Source: American Heart Association
Other Resources and Links